Areilza Abogados is a law firm with two sole areas of practice: litigation and arbitration.
We act as counsel and as arbitrators in both domestic and international disputes.


Complex and high value litigation and arbitration require a profound knowledge of court and arbitration proceedings. Areilza Abogados is a law firm devoted solely to these areas of practice.


We accept a limited number of cases every year to ensure that our clients receive unmatched service.


Our specialization, the limited number of cases we take on, and the global character of our clients allow us to be fully independent in their defense against any business or institution.


Areilza Abogados is a group of professionals specialized in litigation and arbitration, led by

Javier Areilza Churruca

Mr. Areilza has been a practicing lawyer since 1999 and is a lecturer at Instituto de Empresa (IE) Law School. He holds his law degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, his Master of Laws (LL.M.) from New York University School of Law, and has completed a variety of postgraduate courses in a number of prestigious institutions (Harvard Law School, International Chamber of Commerce, IE Law School, among others).

He has been included in the “Best Lawyers” directory as a specialist in litigation.

Before founding Areilza Abogados, he worked for Clifford Chance and Ariño y Villar.

He has developed his professional career in the field of domestic and international arbitration, as well as judicial processes related to all types of matters of commercial, civil, and administrative law. Throughout his career he has advised and represented both Spanish and international clients in each economic sector, including financial, industrial, commercial, service, and non-profit.

Mr. Areilza practices in both Spanish (in judicial proceedings and arbitrations) and English (in international arbitration proceedings).

He is fluent in Spanish, English, and French.


The firm has broad experience in litigation and arbitration in all sectors of economic activity including financial, industrial, commercial, services, real estate, and technology.

Domestic and international arbitration

Public company vs. Infrastructure company (Madrid Arbitration Court)

We defended a private infrastructure company in a contractual dispute with a public contractor in relation to the operational costs of the infrastructure to be assumed by the private company. Value of the dispute was in excess of Euro 40 million.

Renewable energy companies vs. Spanish bank (Barcelona Arbitration Court)

We represented four renewable energy companies in a series of arbitration proceedings against a Spanish bank, requesting that the interest-rate derivatives of their project finances be declared void.

U.S. venture capital fund vs. Spanish telecommunications company (International Chamber of Commerce)

We represented a U.S. venture capital fund in its contractual dispute with a Spanish telecom related to amounts due as compensation for an investment made in a Californian technology company.

Spanish industrial company vs. German industrial company (International Chamber of Commerce)

We represented a Spanish industrial company against a German industrial company in its claim for damages related to an industrial plant’s operation and maintenance contract.

Spanish infrastructure company vs. Latin American state (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)).

We advised a Spanish infrastructure company regarding the possibility of initiating investment arbitration proceedings against a Latin American state before the ICSID for amounts totaling 100 million dollars under the relevant bilateral investment treaty.

Latin American merchant bank vs. Spanish venture capital firm (Madrid Arbitration Court)

We represented a Latin American merchant bank in its dispute with a Spanish venture capital firm related to the interpretation of a success fee clause due for its services in the sale of an oil company.

Renewable energy company vs. Spanish bank (High Court of Justice of Madrid)

We represented a renewable energy company in its proceedings for the annulment of an award based on the lack of impartiality and independence of the Arbitrator who rendered the award and of the arbitral institution.

Insurance company vs. Renewable energy company (Sole Arbitrator, Madrid Arbitration Court)

Sole Arbitrator in a dispute between an insurance company and a renewable energy company related to several wind turbines with a claim for damages in excess of Euro 3 million.

Soft drink company vs. Distribution company (Co-Arbitrator, Spanish Arbitration Court)

Co-Arbitrator in a dispute related to the breach of a commercial distribution contract with a claim for damages in excess of Euro 1.5 million.

Construction company vs. Construction company (Sole Arbitrator, Spanish Arbitration Court)

Sole Arbitrator in a dispute related to the amounts due for construction of a Spanish road.

Services company vs. Spanish bank (Sole Arbitrator, Madrid Arbitration Court)

Sole Arbitrator in a dispute related to the validity of an interest-rate swap contract.

Spanish bank vs. Spanish commercial enterprise (Co-Arbitrator, Madrid Arbitration Court)

Co-Arbitrator in a dispute related to the breach of a series of finance contracts.


U.S. fund vs. Selling shareholders of a Spanish renewable energy company

We represented a U.S. fund in its claim against the selling shareholders of a renewable energy company arising from the Stock Purchase Agreement. Value of the dispute was in excess of Euro 5 million.

Shareholder of a renewable energy company vs. Spanish industrial company

We gave pre-litigation advice to the shareholder of a renewable energy company regarding the probabilities of success and practical complications in a dispute over a share purchase agreement and a put sale option (put).

Spanish gambling company vs. U.S. investment bank

We acted as counsel for a Spanish company in its claim before the Spanish courts regarding the breach of contract by a U.S. investment bank. We also coordinated our defense with the U.S and U.K. counsel that defended the company in related proceedings in New York and London.

Spanish gaming company vs. online gaming companies

We acted as counsel for a Spanish gaming company in four unfair competition claims against the most relevant online gaming companies that offered non-licensed cross-border services in Spain through the Internet. Value of the dispute was in excess of Euro 90 million.

Insurance company vs. Insurance brokerage firm

We defended an insurance company in a number of litigations against a brokerage firm arising from unfair practices and breaches of both contract and insurance mediation regulations.

Services company vs. Municipal company

We advised a services company with regard to the possibility of commencing private and public antitrust proceedings against certain restrictive practices of a municipal company and the municipality.

Services company vs. Insurance company

We represented an insurance company in antitrust proceedings initiated by a complaint regarding a services contract.

Spanish subsidiary of a US. industrial company vs. U.S. industrial company

We acted in court for the Spanish subsidiary of a U.S. industrial company in an unfair competition claim against another U.S. company. We coordinated our defense in Spanish courts with the law firm that that counseled in related proceedings in the U.S.

Private individuals vs. financial institution

We acted in court for various members of a family that had made a leveraged investment of approximately one million euros in complex financial products sold and financed by different subsidiaries of the financial institution.

Private individual vs. financial institution

We acted in court for an individual against a financial institution for damages caused by non-executing a sale order in the Spanish financial market.

Architecture studio vs. Real estate company

We acted in court for an architectural studio in a claim against a group of companies in the real estate sector related to a breach of contract and a variety of matters regarding the liability of directors for breach of their fiduciary duties, insolvency, and piercing the corporate veil.

German industrial company vs. Spanish construction company

We represented a German industrial company in its claim arising from the breach of contract of a Spanish construction company.

Private investor vs. Real estate company

We represented an investor in a breach of contract claim against a real estate company. Value of the dispute was in excess of Euro 5 million.

Shareholders dispute for corporate control

We advised a shareholder of a corporation on a number of corporate law pre-litigation issues related to the control of a corporation.

Insolvency of a real estate company

We represented a real estate company in bankruptcy proceedings in Spanish courts.


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